National Academy Medical School Scholarship Challenge

National Academy Medical School Scholarship Challenge


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Ensure you read the complete official rules before submitting.

The Academy will award one full medical school scholarship covering tuition fees only to a U.S.-based medical school (up to $185,000) to one Student attending Congress of Future Medical Leaders in November 2014. In addition, two $10,000 medical school scholarships will be awarded to the runners-up. Collectively known as the “National Academy Scholarships,” these scholarships will be awarded through a merit-based academic challenge. Students must successfully complete the Congress to be eligible and must have submitted suitable evidence of a 3.5 or above GPA (or the equivalent), either cumulative or current.

The funding of each National Academy Medical School Scholarship is contingent upon the Student’s full-time enrollment in a licensed U.S. medical school. The National Academy Scholarships will be funded pro rata on a semester basis and will be applied directly to the Student’s individual account at the medical school. The scholarships are valid for up to four years or eight semesters of medical school, in an amount not to exceed $185,000. A National Academy Scholarship cannot be combined with other scholarships or grants so that the total amount of all such scholarship, grants and awards exceeds the Student’s actual invoiced cost of tuition; in such event, the amount of this award will be reduced to the amount due for the Student’s actual tuition fees owed. If a Student does not elect to enter medical school or fails to complete medical school, the National Academy Scholarships will not be available to such Student. All medical school programs to which the scholarships are applied must be completed within twelve (12) academic years of the qualifying Congress. National Academy Scholarships are nontransferable and have no cash value. Scholarships are for tuition fees only, and in the event that the Student’s actual tuition fees paid through graduation from medical school are lower than $185,000, there is no residual cash value.

The National Academy Scholarships are bona fide scholarships awarded on the basis of an academic competition held in connection with the Congress of Future Medical Leaders. The winners will be selected by an independent panel. The National Academy Scholarship award is not a promotional contest, a lottery, a sweepstakes or any other form of such offering; the offer of the National Academy Scholarship is void in any jurisdiction that prohibits or regulates such an offering. In all matters relating to the National Academy Scholarships, the decision of the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists is final.


Students who may compete have successfully attended the November 14-16, 2014, Congress of Future Medical Leaders and received the Academy’s Award of Excellence. They have had their GPA verified as a current or cumulative 3.5 or better, and this is either weighted or unweighted. They are in grades 9-12 and will not have reached their 20th birthday as of November 14, 2014.


Students will be asked to reflect on what most inspired them at the Congress of Future Medical Leaders and identify a related unsolved medical/scientific/world health problem. Students should then create an original investigation to solve that problem. This investigation should include a hypothesis or thesis for which Students develop a research or other game plan to tackle and solve that problem. The methodology can be scientific, technological, medical or even political/diplomatic.

Students should convey their real passion for using science and medicine to help humanity.

This is a challenge of theory, projections and expected result. The National Academy Scholarship is designed to pose new and bold answers to vexing world problems. It is not judged on proven results, so Students should think big and support their theories well. This is a chance to change the world and create value.


1. Before midnight PDT, April 1, 2015, Students submit a no longer than 18-minute YouTube video justification of their investigation that includes a description of the problem and proposed solution. Students must appear in their video. Submissions must include the three phases of the challenge: inspiration, thesis/hypothesis and proposed implementation.

When posting to YouTube, please ensure that you do the following:

  • Tag your video with “futuredocsnow” as well as any other relevant medical keywords.
  • Include “” somewhere in the 5,000 character or less description of the video that defines the scope of the project.

2. Before midnight PDT, April 1, 2015, Students submit a 1,000-word essay describing their inspiration, hypothesis and implementation plan to Be sure to have your Congress Invitation number and YouTube link handy. Essays are to be uploaded in PDF format.

This step requires parent/guardian permission to participate in the challenge by indicating that the parent/guardian has read and is aware of the Official Rules of the National Academy Medical School Scholarship Challenge.

All submissions must clearly identify the Student and include complete contact information. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Timeline for Scholarship Challenge Submissions

April 1, 2015 Submission of Essay and Video
July 1, 2015 Semi-Finalists Notified
August 1, 2015 Finalists Notified
September 15, 2015 Final Presentations / Selection of Winner in Washington, DC


  1. All entrants must have their parent or legal guardian’s permission to enter this scholarship challenge.
  2. All submissions for the scholarship challenge are lone submissions. No team submissions will be accepted.
  3. Students may make only one submission.
  4. Submissions must be made in English.
  5. Incomplete entries will not be considered.
  6. All submissions must be of the Student’s original work. Scientific fraud and misconduct are not condoned at any level of research or competition. This includes plagiarism, forgery, use or presentation of other researcher’s work as one’s own, and fabrication of data.
  7. The Student and parent grant the Academy and its assignees, licensees, agents and representatives permission to use the Student’s name, city, state, school name, voice, likeness, comments, submitted documentation, written papers and/or biographical information, including, without limitation, as the same may be embodied in photographs, audiotapes, videotapes, movies or otherwise in which the Student may appear in connection with the Congress, and any information obtained by the Academy relating to the Student through the Student’s participation in the Congress, for marketing, publicity or educational purposes. The Academy respects each Student’s privacy rights in all personal information and identity and does not sell or give away Student data or information to any third party.

Review of Material and Judging

The Academy will convene a Preliminary Judging Panel to review submissions to be certain they are complete, interesting, creative, worded scientifically and relevant to the problems of the world today.

Depending on the number of submissions, the Academy may choose to publish a list of Semi-Finalists. If a list of Semi-Finalists is created, those on the list will be notified by email on or about June 1, 2015.

After the Preliminary Judging Panel has reviewed and approved submissions, submissions will be forwarded to an independent Medical and Scientific Judging Panel, which will consist of medical and scientific professionals, such as biomedical scientists, physicians, healthcare policymakers and educators.

The independent Medical and Scientific Judging Panel will review and score each Student’s essay and video submissions independently, and the scores will be combined for the Student’s final score. The judging criteria are as follows:

Creative Ability (30%)

  • Was the idea of the project inspired from the Congress?
  • Is the approach and/or method utilized in solving the problem unique?
  • Is the proposed method of collecting data and/or use of equipment unique?
  • Does the interpretation of expected data give new significance to other closely related work?
  • Would the proposed solution make a significant impact on the identified problem?

Scientific Thought (30%)

  • Is the problem chosen sufficiently limited and concise?
  • Does the procedural plan show excellence in leading to a solution?
  • Are there an appropriate number of variables considered?
  • Would the expected data completely support the conclusions?
  • Do the ideas open up further avenues for future research?
  • Does the overall project demonstrate orderliness, accuracy and sufficient research?

Thoroughness (15%)

  • Does the proposed research support the scope of the project?
  • Has the Student spent an appropriate amount of time on the project?
  • Is there evidence of thorough investigation?

Skill (15%)

  • Is there a demonstrated knowledge of the appropriate skills required to obtain the data?
  • Is this appropriate for grade level?
  • Does the Student exhibit apparent interest and passion in the topic covered?

Clarity (10%)

  • Are the purpose, procedure and conclusion presented very clearly and in an orderly manner?
  • Are essay and video presentation clear and organized?

Determining the Winners

The three finalists for the Academy’s three scholarships (the one $185,000 Medical School Scholarship Award and the two runners-up $10,000 Medical School Scholarship Awards) will be announced by the Academy on September 15, 2014, by a national news release and submission to a national newswire. In addition, recipients will be notified by email.

Any additional questions about the National Academy Medical School Scholarship Challenge can be directed to or 202-818-8319.