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Acceptance of Nomination

Step 1 - Please enter the Invitation Number* listed in the upper right corner of your Acceptance of Nomination Form and then click Verify Me:

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Please Note: We have recently changed our invitation number format. Please contact us for assistance if you are having difficulty completing the verification process.

Step 2 - Read and agree to the terms and conditions:

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions listed above and discussed with the nominee student.

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Money Back Guarantee: You may receive 100% of your money back anytime up to 60 days before the Congress begins.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Where is the Congress being held? A: The Congress of Future Medical Leaders will be held in Lowell, Massachusetts (Boston area). All details will be provided to enrolled students and their parents upon acceptance.

  2. Q: How was my child selected to attend? A: Students are nominated to become Honorees by their teachers, counselors and principals based on their dedication to entering the medical field, leadership potential and academic excellence. Qualified students may also be identified through honor societies, medical institutions, medical societies, and in-classroom surveys such as the Talent Identification Program administered by My College Options.

  3. Q: Will attending the Congress help my child get into a competitive college? A: The education, motivation and recognition at the Congress can inspire students to take the personal action necessary to become a much stronger candidate for competitive college and medical school admissions.

    Attendance at the Congress can also enrich a student's academic profile by adding to their showcase of extracurricular experience and achievements, when applying to colleges and when visiting those colleges for interviews.

  4. Q: Why are students required to provide proof of GPA? A: The Congress of Future Medical Leaders is an academic honors program and ONLY students with a GPA of 3.5 or above (either current or cumulative) are allowed to attend. Acceptable forms of proof include a school transcript, a letter from a teacher or school official or a letter from a parent (subject to verification). Sample forms and further instructions will be provided after acceptance.

  5. Q: Are parents and other family members allowed to attend? A: Parents are enthusiastically encouraged to accompany their child and observe the Congress without cost. So that the Delegates can take part in this experience together, parents will not be allowed to sit with their child but can observe the proceedings from a special parent’s viewing area. Seating for parents is limited to one parent on opening night of the Congress and on a space available basis for the Thursday and Friday speaking sessions. All family are welcome for the closing candlelit awards ceremony on Friday evening.