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What People Are Saying About the Congress…

My experience at the Congress of Future Medical Leaders was unforgettable and truly inspirational; to say the least. I heard from some of the greatest minds in fields that interested me and I felt motivated every moment I was there… The Congress helped me in so many ways. I made unforgettable memories and friends that will last a lifetime. I felt like I belonged; that the people I met were just like me and that we shared the same goals for our futures. I owe it all to the Congress of Future Medical Leaders; and for that, and much more, I thank them.

— Laura Mendiola, 2016 Delegate

Before the Congress, I was confused about what I wanted and I was questioning if a medical career was even something I still wanted. My confidence in my plan was to go into medical research was at an all-time low. But there was this one moment on the first day during Dr. Shinar’s speech when it felt like time stopped and I had this unbelievable sense of clarity that I never believed could actually be real about what I needed to do with my life. The energy in the room from start to finish and the feeling so completely understood and accepted for the first time in my life is something for which I will be eternally grateful.

— Celeste Purdom, 2016 Delegate

Like any parent, I want my children to dream big and live life with passion. I want them to find something that they love to do and then do it well. A spark was lit in my daughter at the Congress that left her mesmerized her own words and I am confident she is on the right path.

— Katherine Baird, 2016 Alumni Parent


Stephen Ray Mitchell, MD, Dean for Medical Education at Georgetown University

The experience was like no other. The speakers were the cream of the crop in their specific professions. The people who were at the conference were all very friendly and eager to learn about the same things that I wanted to listen to. Overall it was an incredible experience.

— Zain Aamir, 2016 Delegate

While at the Congress, I knew what I wanted to do/be. I had somewhat an idea of how to get there, but I wasn’t too keen on how reliable it was. After leaving the Congress, I now have more of an idea on how to do the things I need to do, and when to do them. My experience while I was there was absolutely, without a doubt, the most terrific thing I’ve ever participated in about my future.

Nicole, 2016 Alumni Delegate

Our daughter continues to talk about the amazing people and topics from the Congress. With a mom as a nurse, our daughter has grown up with health discussions and medical scenarios, as well as going to work with mom on occasion. Always interested in the sciences, she is definitely convinced that a career in the medical community is where she wants to be. Now that she has the world in front of her, the possibilities are endless! The Congress not only opened her eyes to the future but also her mind to new dreams!

— Marcee Dougan, 2016 Alumni Parent

I came to the Congress not knowing exactly what I wanted to do in the field, I left with a game plan of exactly what I wanted to do and how I would do it.

— Shiloh, 2016 Delegate

I would say that this was one of the greatest academic experiences that I have ever had. Before coming to the Congress, I was skeptical about just how far I could take my knowledge and how much I could actually influence the world as a kid, but after leaving, I was newly motivated and even determined to go out and try to make a difference in any way I could. The Congress gave me hope and promise that if I wanted to go out and get something bad enough, the only thing stopping me was myself.

— Anonymous, 2016 Delegate


Futurist and founder of The X Prize Foundation Peter Diamandis, MD, shows Delegates their future in medicine

The "WOW" factor was incredibly high at this conference. As a nurse for 28 years (Trauma, ER and recovery) I can honestly say I have never been to a nursing or anesthesia conference that did that for me. Thank you again for providing this opportunity. While, I feel lucky to be a Nurse, and there has never been a day that I have not been grateful to go to work. I do wonder how different life would have been with the mentorship often talked about at this conference. I will continue to encourage my own children, and with people like you, it makes my job real easy!!!

— Mary K., Scottsdale, AZ

I had the privilege of attending the conference the past three days and consider it one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you!

— Mekhala R.

It was hard to raise the fund in order to go, however it is crucial you do because you find yourself there. I went thinking that it was going to be a good experience, but little did I know how it was going to change me.

— Kelly Kruger, 2016 Delegate

M0616_Bose_1 copy

2011 Google Science Fair Grand Prize Winner, Shree Bose, speaks to Delegates

This experience can be described in two words: life changing. I will forever hold the inspiration and motivation that I have taken from the Congress close to my heart. It has ignited a passion in me to reach further than my dreams and I will not stop at anything.

— Taylor Strong, 2016 Delegate

I had the privilege of attending the conference the past three days and consider it one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you!

— Mekhala R.

This is an excellent opportunity. Your child will be able to meet some of the greatest minds in medicine and science. My child was able to attend this great event twice and he was able to meet some of the top professionals in medicine. My child would have never had this experience except through the Congress. My child has developed a sense that he can accomplish anything with hard work and persistence. The sky is the limit!

— Sheree, 2016 Parent

The event allows students to see living proof of ideas becoming reality, then changing lives for the better! It also creates a once in a lifetime opportunity for parents to bond with their Delegate through conversation of future dreams, goals and us parents can continue to support however possible!

— April Clark, 2016 Parent

The Congress gave me so much inspiration and hope for the future, it made me realize that you can do anything you set your mind to if you’re willing to work for it.

— Emily Muller, 2016 Delegate


Nobel Prize Winner, Sir Richard Roberts, PhD, sharing his successes and failures with Delegates

At the Congress, I realized that I had time and that I could make a difference. It confirmed my passion for research. I found people that are similar to me for the first time in a while and I was truly inspired by great people. I think it is an amazing opportunity for anyone who is considering a career in medicine to truly learn about the field and be inspired.

— Alexandrea Pouliot, 2016 Delegate

We weren't really sure what to expect, but the Congress absolutely blew us away! My daughter - who was incredibly nervous, and knew nobody going - made friends immediately with the students sitting near her, looked for them daily, and began to discuss with them all the options for medical research and continued education that she was hearing. She walked in thinking that maybe she would like to be a doctor, but not sure she was good enough to get into college, and walked out knowing that she could be a doctor, and wondering what kinds of research opportunities she could get a hold of right now. She loved all the speakers, loved watching the live surgery, and was blown away by the motivational messages. Send your child!

— AUDREY JUNG, LPC FAPA, 2016 Parent


2012 Google Science Fair Grand Prize Winner Brittany Wenger addresses Delegates

I absolutely LOVED the Congress of Future Medical Leaders. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for their help in inspiring me to pursue my dream of becoming a Neurosurgeon. At first, I was unsure whether I would make any friends or gain anything from attending. All these feelings were proven wrong. On my first day, I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness when I met fellow teens, who were just as fascinated as I was in medicine. No longer would I be known as a nerd or geek because I was surrounded by them! I was finally in my element.

— Cindy Mutuku, 2016 Delegate

Absolutely amazing speakers. Nowhere in the country could a child be associated with the quality speakers that this Congress provides. My child left enthused, motivated and encouraged that he can do whatever he sets his mind to do. His focus on his profession was narrowed from Pharmacy to Neurological Pharmacology.

— John, 2016 Parent

Before the Congress, we were unsure if we made the right decision to attend, but once we were there, we were blown away by the level of professionalism and quality of the program. My son could not stop talking about it. He felt like he finally found other youth who think like he does. It has really motivated him to push himself harder and given him the confidence to do it.

— Jennifer Dempster, 2016 Parent


U.S. Army Captain, Florent Groberg, shares the story of the mission to stop a suicide bomber which lead to his Medal of Honor

I'm not gonna lie, I was skeptical about this past weekend. I thought that everyone there would know far more than I did and have much more experience. I figured that it would be awkward finding people to talk to and doubted if I would have fun sitting listening to people talk for hours. But I couldn't have been more flat-out wrong. It was mere fear of the unknown (stupid amygdala), and that was it. I had the most amazing time I could have asked for and feel so much more confident and excited going into this wonderful field with so many amazing leaders to look up to. AND I met some of the absolute warmest, friendliest people I've ever met. So thank you to all those of you I was so lucky to meet. I will never forget this weekend and how lucky I was to be a part of it!

— Nicola M.

It was such an awesome experience. If your child has the opportunity to go, please do not pass it up! There is so much positive energy and eye opening information given by different speakers. The live surgery was amazing. I just can't say enough good about it. I am so thankful my son was invited and we were able to attend.

— Debra, 2016 Parent

First and foremost, it is not a scam. We were very skeptical once we received the invitation. We had her guidance counselor check it out and confirm that it was not a scam. The Congress itself was unbelievable filled with incredible students, families, and speakers. My daughter enjoyed herself immensely. She made new friends, learned a lot and cannot wait until next year to go back and be an Ambassador.

— Lisa Stevenson, 2016 Parent

DSC_4289 copy

Decoder of the Human Genome and inventor, Craig Venter, PhD, in a Q&A Session with Shree Bose.

What Did 2014 Delegates and Parents Have to Say...

So I was in class today and we were talking about young people who changed the world, my teacher mentioned a boy who at a very young age discovered a way to detect if someone has pancreatic cancer, I asked if this guy was Jack Andraka. My teacher said yes in a surprised voice, have you heard of him? I answered casually was, yea I met him. You should have seen the look on his face!

— Natasha G.

No words can describe the fun I had this weekend at the congress of future medical leaders! It was truly an amazing experience of a lifetime, and I'm so grateful for every second of it. I'm very proud of myself to be part of the congress as an honoree, and the movement that will truly make a difference in educating future scientists and researchers like us. Thank you sooo much for an astonishing and a life changing weekend, and thank you again for everything that you did to make this possible. It was absolutely incredible.

— Sisi L.

Thank you so much. My name is Morgan and I attend the Congress it was an amazing experience! Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity. 🙂 I made so many great friends and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Thank you everyone! 🙂

— Morgan M.

Dear Richard, Our daughter Ester and ourselves have had a pleasure of attending the 2014 Congress of Future Physicians and Medical Scientist this past weekend, and we thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. Everything -- the overall organization, the diversity and caliber of the speakers, the various activities, the historical venue, and the thriving scholar community -- has been superb. Please accept our deep gratitude for making Ester's participation in this outstanding event a reality. She has returned from the Congress as motivated as ever about her professional pursuits and is now looking forward to new programs by the Academy. Thank you again for this outstanding experience. Regards,

— Sergei S.

My name is Ashli and I was at the Congress this February.That weekend truly changed my life forever. When I got there and Richard said that we would always remember this and make brothers and sisters in only a few days. I was a little hesitant to believing him but by the end of the weekend I made some amazing friends that I will be friends with for my entire life. Thank you!

— Ashli M.

Dear Mr. Rossi, It was an honor for me to hear from you and all the amazing speakers this past weekend at the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists. After attending this Congress, I was truly inspired and motivated to begin being a part of the wonderful world of science. Thank You Very Much,

— Mark M.

My daughter, Hayley Sanchez, attended the conference last weekend. It was amazing and she had a great time. I also want to thank you for all of the help you provided at the conference. It was great that someone was there to answer all of our questions. The conference was very well organized and Hayley enjoyed it so much. Thank you,

— Jennifer S.

Thank you, my daughter Mistee had a wonderful time and walked away with a lot of knowledge and now wants to be a pediatrician in addition to her goal of being a psychologist, the speakers encouraged her to aim high and go for more then one goal if she wanted, we cannot thank you enough.

— Sherrie S.

I wanted to thank you for an extraordinary experience over the weekend. My son Trenton is very proud that he was able to attend. He is still talking about it nonstop to anyone that will listen. Only suggestions maybe nicer music. And warmer time of year. Lol. Seriously, it was great. We both learned a lot. We look forward to future events.

— Russel

My son Nick and I attended the conference last weekend and I just want to tell you that it was amazing. I wasn't sure what to expect but let me tell you my son had the best time. He absolutely loved all the speakers especially Dr. Jill Bolte, Brendon Burchard and Carmen Blandin Tarleton. And on top of that he made so many new friends. We had to be at the armory at 8:30 on Saturday and Sunday because they wanted to make sure that they would sit together. It has been a week and they are still in contact every day. It is amazing what happens when you meet kids with the same interests and goals. He did nominate a friend from his school and he would love to come back in November!! We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully see you in November. Again thank you very much for an amazing experience!!! Thanks and regards,

— Gabriela and Nicholas T.

I just wanted to write and tell you and your staff and All the speakers from the Congress what a wonderful job that you all did. I am so glad that my daughter was a part of this and had the opportunity to come. I think I got just as much out of it as she did and maybe more from some of the speakers. I just thought that they could not of been better and in the place I am in my life a lot of the speakers spoke to me and I will use a lot of what they were taking about in my life today as well. I give you all a huge round of applause to all that you have done for these scholars and their families. Yes there will be glitches in events this big and that is expected but all in all it was wonderful and you did a great job and should be so proud!! Kayla is hoping that the student that she has invited for November decides to come cause she really would like to be a part of it again in November for free of course this time but she would love to be there again. Thank you again all for everything that you did.

— Brenda and Kayla L.

Thank you for providing a wonderful weekend for my daughter. It was an amazing experience and I appreciate all of the hard work that went into organizing it!

— Wanda W.

Thank you all for making the opportunity available. It was amazing and I had a wonderful, inspiring weekend at the Congress; I am sure that the program will continue to do well in the future! I hope that I will be able to attend again in November, but until then, best wishes!

— Sara M.

On behalf of my family, we would like to extend a thank you to the entire team that put together this wonderful event. Michael came home very excited and determined that he will pursue medicine and continue his journey to become a surgeon. A special thank you to the two sign interpreters that assisted Michael. Great memories were created, new friends were made, networking resources started. And to the many speakers that presented, you left an impression on our family. Thank you all and best wishes to all future endeavors.

— Marcy B.

This weekend helped my son decide he wants to become a surgeon. He was so inspired, and had such fun. I cannot thank the people who worked so hard to organize this event enough. Amazing.

— Theresa G.

I want to add my thoughts about the significant value this event has contributed to my son's future. THANK YOU to the whole team of coordinators, speakers, sponsors and more. Though some aspects will indeed need improvement, overall, this was an extremely beneficial moment in my son's pursuit of a medical career. He not only gained more clarity and direction about his professional endeavors, but also gained guidance and counsel about his inner world through skill building and self-regulation tips. Wow, what a great combination!!! More than I bargained for! I am so appreciative for this opportunity and hope that you will carry on with this good work and take all the "advice" from other parents and make it even BETTER! You've set the bar high, so please keep going! Wishing all the scholars luck and peace and happiness in your bright, brilliant futures!

— Allison H.

We wanted to thank the Congress staff, speakers and volunteers for an exceptional three days. With three flight cancelations and many challenges to get to DC, we maintained a glass half full attitude throughout our 6 days in DC. This program provided a platform for our daughter to continue her goals to become a cardiologist. The program will be one of the experiences in her journey. We wish the Congress and other families the best of luck.

— Joe T.

This was an amazing weekend, through everything that happened! I am so thankful to Richard Rossi and the staff that planned this event and helped organize everything. I know the things that my daughter learned will stay with her for all the years to come. She loved the speakers and was so inspired. She was brought to tears thinking of her mentor and how he has changed her life and her way of thinking. She was so moved by the stories and life lessons that this Congress brought out. I pray that this Congress touches many other young lives and will be a success in the years to come. She had a great time! I hope they can hold different Congresses in the South and other parts of the United States. Thank you again for this amazing opportunity!

— Chris K.

For all the speakers, I just wanted to thank all of the speakers that spoke to us, they've all been a big motivation to me. I came looking for new knowledge and that's what I received. I wish the best for all the speakers later on in their lives, may God bless you!

— Tamera C.

The opportunity for parents to experience the substantive content of the Congress right along with their students in attendance was INCREDIBLE! I learned so much. I really feel like our FAMILY received more than our money's worth. This was an incredible event, and I applaud all who made it possible! Here's to many more Congress events in the future! Outstanding team you led, Mr. Richard Rossi!

— Rhonda C.

My daughter and myself feel very blessed to have been able to attend this most wonderful conference! We are so thankful Mr. Rossi not only had this vision but had the strength and courage to act on it and ensure that these great scholars had, and continue to have, an opportunity to attend. So often, such students don't have the direction or knowledge of how to reach their dreams - they now have peers and mentors, counselors, role models, support and guidance - people with similar dreams and those with experience, knowledge, and connections all right by their sides!!! As for us parents - we have the same 🙂 So many thanks and blessed feelings!!!

— Rachel L.

This past weekend was one of my all time favorite weekends, and the congress was filled with so much excitement, fun, and energy! I met so many wonderful people and the speakers were absolutely incredible!!! I most definitely intend on keeping touch with each and every one of the people I met, and I really hope that we meet again in all of our journeys through the medical field! As for those of you that weren't able to go to this one, I'm trying my hardest to find a way to go to the one in November to meet you guys! Love all around, and to be honest as I'm sitting at home there is nothing more I want than to be at the armory listening noble prize winners speak with the smell of very greasy overpriced food in the air!!

— HwaYoun K.

Goodness, my heart is overflowing with such a passion for the medical field ever since the congress. I thought I couldn't wait to be a doctor before now I'm considering counting down each day until I finally am where I am called to be lol. I love this field- Couldn't imagine wanting to be anything else.

— Breana H.

So you're all officially 1,000+ of the greatest human beings I've ever been in a room with so thanks again for one of the best weekends of my life.

— Cassidy A.

Mr. Rossi, As a result in not being able to talk to you in person at the Congress due to the long line I just wanted to send you a personal email to express my thanks to you! When I was nominated to the Congress at first I honestly thought it was a joke, no way, it couldn't be, but I took a chance and now have been inspired beyond my belief. I knew as the Congress got closer that it was a step in the right direction towards my future, and would really help me decide if becoming a doctor is really what I wanted or just an accomplishment I had for myself, but I never knew how much it would actually impact me. From the moment I walked through the door I knew it was going to change my life! All the energy, the new people, and the speakers have changed my life forever! So I just wanted to personally thank you for the nomination! It has changed my life and I definitely know what direction I want to go. Although I can't help in November because I won't be 18 after November whenever the next Congress is I would love to help! If there is anything else that I can help with I would be more than willing to help! The Congress has changed my life and has given me a new perspective on life, and a new family of friends, and I want to give that chance to other scholars. I want others to know how amazing and inspiring the Congress is! So Thank you very much for the amazing opportunity and I hope to see you in November! Thank you very much!

— Jordan F. Millinocket, ME

First and foremost I want to thank you. My son Antonio Rivera was captivated by all of the speakers, even if they did not apply to his field of study, he enjoyed them all. This was a very special trip for my son, he has always wanted to be in the medical field, either as a surgeon or an emergency room doctor. He has even considered studying to be a Physician Assistant. Even though this has always been where he felt he was called, I do not believe he was sure. I can tell you now this is exactly what he needed to confirm what he has felt in his heart for all of these years, so again THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! He is so enthusiastic about his future now, he will be dual enrolling during his senior year to be able to attend a Medical College as soon as possible.

— Theresa R.

This is an excellent valuable opportunity for us (as a parent) and for my kid. We got lot of knowledge, courage, and wisdom from notable speakers. Excellent job. Thanks

—Ajay J.

I am a nurse with a MSN. I want the whole team to know that I was really impressed by the whole program last weekend. It was like attending a Medical or Nursing Continuing Education offering. Thank you for allowing the parents to listen to all the speakers-it would have been unfortunate if you did not because of the information packed into the whole weekend. I was worried about how long the program went each session but the speakers and Mr. Rossi kept the students engaged. My son was all pumped up. He is very shy, so this says a lot. He even initiated the first conga dance during one of the break sessions before the actual dance night. The weekend experience helped my son make up his mind. He always wanted to be a pediatrician since he was young. I have to admit that I was very hesitant to come simply because I did not know much about the academy. My son, Jonathan was very appreciative of the opportunity he was given. I am trying to "recruit" one of the physicians I work for to be one of the speakers for future congresses. We also do clinical trials in our center. (Now you can see why I was loving and enjoying the whole congress.) Thank you so much for all you do.

— Margie M.

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful weekend full of inspirations, knowledge, and fun. My son who is 15 attended the convention, and I joined him and it was a memorable experience for both of us. I have been in the medical business for over 20 years, and own a company that provides care for elderly at their homes, as well as Home Health agency. I was so inspired by this convention. Meanwhile my son is looking forwarded to the next convention. Thank you for putting together such an unforgettable weekend for us. Hope to see you soon.

— Orit Tabak T.

To think that only a week ago I was having the experience of a life time. I miss it sooooo much! I am now more energized and more motivated than I have ever been. I can't believe how much this congress changed me. I can't wait to pursue my dreams in being a surgeon. I'm definitely proud of all of us and where we are today.

— Aubrey W.

We were blessed as the parents of one of the scholars just to be able to be there and listened to the accounts of your achievements. You gave my daughter a valuable tool to become successful and widen her perspective of the opportunities awaiting her. We, parents have also benefited with all the invaluable information from all of you. Thank you very much and more power.

— Nelson/Josie C.

We would like to extend our congratulations to Richard and his crew who organized the program. We watched it online and thought the line of speakers were excellent! We appreciated that family members were given the chance to view the event as well. It was all very inspiring and hopefully left a big positive impact on the scholars. Brendon Burchard, Jim Kwik and Dan Sullivan are a must for the future Congress.

— Nita A.

My daughter, Steffi, and I had a wonderful time at your conference. It was well thought out, well presented, well-rounded, and meaningful for both me and my daughter.

— Barbara B, Esq.

Overall I think you put on an amazing conference for these students. You went through a lot of work to help these students (whom you don't even know) succeed! I thank you for that as a parent it was also an amazing and very worth while event! As a parent, I really appreciate the opportunity to be here with my scholar and since it was suggested by the organization I think you had much more participation. I appreciated the communication between the organization and the parents as well as the scholars. You should all be very proud of what you have accomplished in your inaugural Congress!

— April D.

I just wanted to let you know that the Congress was absolutely incredible. The entire program motivated my granddaughter, Aracely, and renewed her interest in being a doctor. The surgery reinforced why she wanted to be an OB/GYN doctor. Being able to speak and share with the presenters really impacted the students. Personally, I was so impressed with the entire program that when I got home all I could talk about was the speakers and what they brought to the Congress. You were outstanding as the MC and made this program one of the best I've ever heard of or experienced. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to these students.

— Josie H.

I know as a parent my daughter receives many letters to various conferences but from day 1 this conference and the opportunity to watch a surgery had her hooked. I was skeptical never having participated in a conference like this before. I know that both my husband and I are very thankful that we took the leap of faith and enrolled Madeline in the February conference. I thank you for all your hard work in organizing a fantastic weekend event for all the students. I know we got a lot out of the weekend and are still talking about it.

— Bree C.

I would like to thank the whole Congress crew for putting this together! It created history, it was amazing! It inspired me and others! I truly admire Richard Rossi for all of his hard work!

— Araceli C.

The event was spectacular, and we haven’t stopped telling people about it. What a lineup of speakers! What mind-blowing content. Some of it was over my head, but I understood enough of it to know how amazing it is. Emma was blown away by everything. She keeps telling us how much her mind was expanded -- not just by the technical medical stuff but by the presentations by Dan and Brendan and Jim. She’s heard me talk about 25K, but seeing the caliber of people in person made her ask me, “Dad, how can I start a mastermind group?”

— Parris

The event was spectacular, and we haven’t stopped telling people about it. What a lineup of speakers! What mind-blowing content. Some of it was over my head, but I understood enough of it to know how amazing it is. Emma was blown away by everything. She keeps telling us how much her mind was expanded -- not just by the technical medical stuff but by the presentations by Dan and Brendan and Jim. She’s heard me talk about 25K, but seeing the caliber of people in person made her ask me, “Dad, how can I start a mastermind group?”

— Parris

Dear Richard and Supporting Cast, My daughter McKenna attended this past weekend. What she took away from this experience cannot be measured; I should say, what we both took away. Thank you for this amazing opportunity. The organization, the speakers, the tremendous group of young people was a testimony to the success of a great organization. McKenna has a mild case of cerebral palsy which fortunately did not affect her intelligence but has left her mildly handicapped. To have heard from leading experts in the field of neurology, understanding the brain and its functions and gaining knowledge of neuro transmitters, was a window into her own brain and how it works and how sometimes, it doesn’t. She would love to be a part of your organization and would’ve helped next November, but she will only be 17. I would also like to help in ANY way possible. I have already passed on the details of the weekend to many of my fellow Virginians and will continue to do so. If there are areas you need assistance, please let me know. My background is in education, primarily middle school, but I have always had a real desire to help children be successful and live out their dreams. Again, thank you for the tremendous gift you have given my daughter. Her three daily “wins” are already a part of her routine.

— Melissa D., Northern Virginia

I want to thank you for what you have done for my son and I. We attended the Future Docs conference in Washington last weekend. When I saw your name on the invitation, I really wanted my son to go. The entire conference was unbelievable! My son and I absolutely loved it! I couldn't wait to hear you speak; however, you were far more inspiring than I ever expected. I know the purpose of the conference was to inspire our children, but you also inspired the parents! I am the little girl with the typewriter, except I listened to my parents and didn't do what I wanted. I have worked my whole life in a job that I hate and am married to an unsupportive husband. By listening to you, I realized there is something better out there for me. I have always surrounded myself with unsupportive people, but no more. I will find something I like and go for it. I don't know what it will be, but I will become a great inspiration for my son by leaving behind anyone who doesn't support me. Thank you for giving me something to live for.

— LouAnn H.

With warm & heart felt thanks for all y'all gave our children over the past 3 days. Please thank all your speakers and feel free to forward this letter. Your speaker line up truly touched our lives and the children Richard gathered at this congress will especially impact my family's future health. It is a bright future after this weekend. Y’all were Absolutely Excellent!

— Kim W.

Dear Mr. Rossi, I am the mother of scholar Amanda from Miami, Fl., who was nominated to attend the Congress that took place this weekend. I wanted to tell you, that when I agreed to take her to the Congress, paid the fee and made travel arrangements for herself and I, I never thought that the actual Congress was going to take place. To be honest, I actually thought it could be a scam. I am writing to you today, because I needed to tell you, how very wrong I was. I never voiced my thoughts to anyone, but deep inside I was very afraid that it was never going to happen. I needed to tell you, how in Awe I found myself this entire weekend. You did not just deliver every one of your promises, but so much more. I was truly impressed the entire weekend, with you, the incredible speakers, the program and with the entire set up. You deserve a Heroes Standing Ovation for making this Congress a reality. For giving these young scholars a sense of value, confidence that they can make a difference, and showing them that with lots of work, effort and determination only Great Things Can Happen. You need to feel extremely proud of your Accomplishments this weekend. These young scholars will always remember this incredible weekend. It truly was an honor to attend and be a part of this Congress. I pray you may continue to hold this Congress for these young scholars for many more years to come. I thank you very much for making it a Life Memorable Event. Sincerely,

— Alina L., Miami, FL

It was amazing, I'm glad I came, I feel like a new and better person, I met some amazing, and smart people today. I know some very smart young adults from my school and I will most definitely tell them about you guys! The young lady I chose today is an amazing girl, very smart. I hope she comes in November. I wish you guys the best of luck in the future with everything, you guys did an awesome job. Everyone who pitched in to help make it beautiful, did an amazing job. The experience I had was awesome!! Thanks again for having me. I had an amazing time!! There are no words to describe how much fun I had and how exciting it was. It was very inspirational. Some things really hit me and made me stop and rethink things. So thanks again so very much. Tell everyone I said they did a great job and that it was amazing. What they're doing is great. I'm pretty sure everyone who went had a blast.

— Dezare’e L.