60 Days!

In case you'd prefer to read my video message...

Have you looked at your calendar? It is exactly 60 days until the beginning of the Congress! I have to tell you; those 60 days are going to pass so fast.

I want to congratulate you on your nomination, on becoming a Delegate. I want to take just a couple of minutes to tell you what you’re in for.

Now, the most important thing to understand is that there are no obligations. This isn’t like school. You don’t have to sit there. If you don’t want to sit there, you know, honestly, you can do absolutely nothing, and you will still float your way through the Congress and be just fine. But, I guarantee you, that is not going to be your experience.

First of all, I think I know a little bit about you. You’re someone who cares about the future and wants to be part of it, and you have picked a profession at the perfect time in history, a profession that is doing what we call the hockey stick, right?

When it goes … and you’re coming in just on that exponential accelerating curve. Your future in the profession is going to be not only huge, but historic. And my job – and the job of everyone else who’s going to be there -is to make sure that you have the biggest possible future.

Look, you have to put the time in any way, so why not be amazing. When you walk in that room, you’re going to realize what’s really possible – things that you couldn’t even imagine right now.

First of all, if you’re like most of the Congress Delegates, you’re going to be nervous when you arrive. Maybe you’re shy. Maybe you’re introverted. Maybe something like this scares you. That’s fine, but I tell you, about 30-minutes into the experience, you’re going to look around at all those hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of other people in the room and you’re going to say, “Oh my gosh, I am just like them! They are just like me. They like me. They like what I’m into. I like what they’re into. We’re all excited about the same thing. We’re smart. We really, really are interested in all things that have to do with this!”

And therefore you’re going to find a tribe, a family, a group of people that support you more than anyone else, perhaps that you ever been around in your life.

Now, the other thing is what happens on the stage because your teachers are going to be Nobel Laureates. Your teachers are going to be great inventors. Your teachers are going to be amazing young people who have done incredible things. It’s going to be the biggest names in the world.

And why are they there? Why did they come to Boston, Massachusetts to speak to you? It’s because they believe in you and your fellow Delegates. They believe that you have the capacity for greatness.

In fact, that is the entire theme of the Congress. Greatness awaits. Greatness awaits you. It does, and let me tell you, you are capable of it. But that does not mean you’re actually going to achieve it. That doesn’t mean you’re actually going to ever get there.

You need helping hand. You need people that believe in you and most of all, you need to see that vision. You need to see a vision of a future, so much bigger than the one that you see now, and all of that is going to happen at the Congress.

Now you may say, “Hey, Richard, it’s only two and a half days. How much can happen in two and a half days?” Well, I think if you look back at history, and maybe even your own life, you’ll realize enormous change for better or worse can take place in two and a half day. And this really is a magical, transformative experience.

So, don’t be worried if you’re nervous, don’t have any thoughts of “Gosh, maybe I shouldn’t have done this. Maybe this isn’t going to be right for me.” It is. It is because you can shape it into anything you want.

When you’re sitting there, and you look to your left and your right, behind you, in front of you, and you see people that like you and are like you, you’re going to realize this is going to be an amazing two and a half days.

I’m excited. I’m excited for you. I am excited because I’ve known so many high achieving, high potential young people like you, and I’ve seen what this experience has done for them.

My goal is that, years from now, when you are just doing amazing things and you’re waking up every day doing what you love to do, what you’re great at, and you’re talking to your mom and dad about how you got there that you say, “You remember that event, that Congress. You sent me to Boston 10 years ago, 20 years ago? That was a big moment for me. That really showed me what my future could be like and it gave me a vision of how to get there.”

So, I’ll be talking to you a lot more over the next 60 days. I’ve got a lot to tell you and I want you to watch each video, because you don’t want to arrive at the Congress without all the information you need. That would be bad, bad, bad.

But that’s it for today. Again, congratulations to you and I will talk to you very soon.

Welcome from Richard Rossi

In case you'd prefer to read my video message...

Hi, this is Richard Rossi, Founder of the Congress. First of all, congratulations! You’re in! You are now part of our family of high-achieving young people. This is a movement, a global movement of high-achieving, super-motivated individuals like you who really have the ability, the smarts, and the desire to have an impact on the future of the world.

You may be wondering, “Is this an environment I’m going to be comfortable in? I’m a little introverted or shy.” If you are, you’re in for a wonderful surprise, because you have never been around such a large group of people who all think like you, who all want to help you, and help each other to succeed. About half an hour into the first evening you’re going to think, “This is my tribe, this is my family. These are people that I will stay in touch with the rest of my life.” It’s that big a deal. In fact, it’s kind of a magical experience and one that I bet you will never ever forget.

Yes, listening to the greatest minds alive in the profession is awe inspiring, but more than that they’re going to explain to you how they did it, and how you can do it, too. And how you can actually be on this stage years from now. If you don’t think that you can be great – much, much greater than you ever imagined possible – you’re wrong. We’re going to convince you of that. When you leave the Congress you’re going to see a future that is five or ten times bigger than the one that you saw when you walked into the room.

My wish for you is to play the biggest possible game you can in life. You’re only going through this once. Why not go for the gold? To do that you need a helping hand. You need to feel like you can really do it, that you’re supported, that there are people who are behind you and are rooting for you and helping you. That’s us, that’s the Congress. The people who run it and all of the young people who are going to be attending, as well as the Grand Masters that you’re going to hear from.

The Congress is completely and totally unique. There’s nothing else like it in the world. I guarantee you by the end of these three days you’re going to be inspired, you’re going to be delighted and happy, and also incredibly sad because you don’t want it to end and you don’t want to leave the wonderful people that you’ve met. It’s going to be a unique and fabulous experience for you. We want to make sure of this because you’re now part of the tribe, of the family, and you are someone that we think has the potential for real greatness in life. You may not see it yet but we see it in you, so hang on in there.

Now, you’re going to be hearing from us periodically, and as the Congress approaches you’re going to be hearing from us a lot. Right now, as part of this message, you’re going to see an address for our Facebook page. Get over there immediately and like it so that you get all the information and updates first. Also, in an email you’re going to get soon, you will have an address to a private Facebook group that is only for you and the other nominees that are coming to the Congress. Watch your email for that as well. That’s about it for now. I just want to say congratulations, and I look forward to talking to you again very, very soon.