Nominee & Parent Information

Information for Nominees and Parents

The Congress of Future Medical Leaders will be held June 23, 24 and 25, 2019, in Lowell, Massachusetts, just outside Boston.

Students are nominated to become Delegates by their teachers, counselors, and principals based on their dedication to entering the medical field as physicians or scientists (biomedical, technological, engineering and mathematics), leadership potential and academic excellence. Qualified students may also be identified through other means, such as academic events, recommendations, youth organizations, honor societies, medical institutions, medical societies, program Alumni, and in-classroom surveys.

Will Attending the Congress Help Gain Admission to a Competitive College and Medical School? 
No. However, the knowledge and direction you gain at the Congress can give you new tools to make yourself a much stronger candidate for competitive college admission.

Hours of the Congress
On Sunday, June 23rd, the Congress will begin at 6 PM and end at 11 PM. On Monday the 24th and Tuesday the 25th, the Congress will begin at 10 AM and end at 11 PM. There will be plenty of time for meals and rejuvenation so that Congress Delegates remain alert and energized throughout the day and evening.

Proof of GPA
The Congress is an academic honors program. Students must have a minimum 3.5 GPA (or equivalent), either current or cumulative, to attend. Unless a student was nominated by a teacher, the GPA must be verified no later than April 23, 2019. Information on how to verify GPAs will be provided after enrollment.

The Award of Excellence 
After attending the Congress of Future Medical Leaders and upon verification of your 3.5 or above GPA, you will receive the Academy’s Award of Excellence. The Award is earned by attending all three days of the Congress, participating in activities, and exhibiting leadership in and dedication to the medical profession.

Parent Participation 
Parents are enthusiastically encouraged to accompany their Delegate and observe the Congress, without cost. So that the Delegates can take part in this experience together, parents will not be allowed to sit with their Delegate but can observe the proceedings from the parent seating area. Seating for parents is limited to one parent on the opening night of the Congress and on a space-available basis for the second and third day. All family members are welcome for the Closing Awards Ceremony on the final evening.

The Academy will award a limited number of partial tuition scholarships based primarily on financial need. For more information, email

Students with Disabilities 
The Academy encourages all students with disabilities to attend. Please call the Office of Admissions to discuss specific needs by phone at (617) 307-7425.

Travel, Housing, and Meals
Delegates are responsible for their own travel, housing, transportation, and meals. Many students will travel with a parent, other adult or another Delegate from their school. There will be a variety of food, beverages, and snacks available during the Congress.

The Overnight Program 
The Overnight Program was created for students traveling to the Congress without a parent or guardian. It is a pre-college experience for an independent traveler. Families should be aware that some airlines have recently changed their rules regarding teen travel.

Included in the Overnight Program is:

(1) Airport/Train Station Travel — Upon arrival Delegates will be greeted by Congress staff, at a predetermined place, at the airport or train station and escorted to a private coach. They will be asked to call home and confirm their safe arrival. For their return trip, Delegates are transported to meet their departing train or plane with time to spare. Delegates will be instructed to call home to confirm that they are at the gate.

(2) Room Accommodations and Check-In — Delegates will be greeted by a Congress Overnight Program Staff member, who will make sure they are properly checked-in and meet their roommates.

(3) Resident Assistants Available for Overnight Concerns — If a Delegate gets sick or needs any other help, Resident Assistants staying on the floor with the Delegates will be available at all times. While the Resident Assistant cannot administer any medical treatment, they can escort a Delegate to the emergency room and will stay with them at all times.

(4) Meals — Breakfast is included each morning and will include a variety of hot and cold choices. Delegates should bring enough spending money to cover lunches and dinners that they will purchase at the Congress, plus any extra money they would like for beverages and snacks.

(5) Emergencies — Parents will have an emergency number to call 24 hours a day should they be unable to contact their child or need our help in any way.  The Congress staff will always be in immediate contact with Resident Assistants.

(6) Details and Logistics  — Congress staff will be in touch with families in the weeks and months before the Congress with relevant information families will need to make travel arrangements and make the student’s stay and comfortable as possible.

NOTE: All Delegates attending the Congress’ Overnight Program will sign and be expected to abide by a Code of Conduct requiring the highest standards of behavior. The Congress is an academic conference and honors program and all Delegates must agree to conduct themselves in accordance with that standard. If any parent has concerns about their child’s ability to comply with a Code of Conduct they should not send them to the Congress with the Overnight Program, but should rather accompany them.

Letters of Participation 
The Academy will supply letters certifying registration and completion of the Congress of Future Medical Leaders. Delegates can share these letters with colleges and universities as well as organizations offering grants and scholarships.

College Credit 
Attendees have the opportunity to earn college credit for attending the Congress of Future Medical Leaders. Details can be found here.

News Release 
Delegates will be able to create their own news release, using an easy to follow program developed by the Academy. Included are instructions on how to distribute this release to local newspapers and television stations so that Delegates can get maximum recognition for their achievements.

Cancellations and Refunds
Delegates may receive a Congress tuition refund within 60 days of their initial payment OR before April 23, 2019, whichever date comes first. For any other payments, including those for the Overnight Program, Washington Adventist University College Credit, the College Domination Boot Camp, or any other additional program, students may receive a refund until April 23, 2019.

Any cancellation and request for refund must be submitted in writing by the Parent/Guardian who submitted the enrollment online. Refunds may take 4-6 weeks to process.

The Academy strongly encourages families to purchase travel insurance to cover travel and tuition expenses in case of an unforeseen cancellation.

Please call the Office of Admissions at (617) 307-7425 or email with any question. Or use our live chat feature in the bottom right-hand-side of the screen to talk with an Admissions Counselor immediately.