Dear Hero to Your Child:

See if your child qualifies for nomination to the Congress of Future Medical Leaders— a privilege reserved for America's best and brightest high school students dedicated to medicine.

The Congress will be held in Boston Massachusetts next June 26 to 28 2024.

Imagine your child seated face to face with Nobel Laureates, soaking up the wisdom of medical pioneers who have shaped history.

Picture them observing live surgery, gaining inspiration and knowledge that most students can only dream of while still navigating their high school years.

The Congress is an extraordinary experience that has the power to transform your child's future in science and medicine. By participating, they may unlock doors to exclusive internships, mentorships, and educational opportunities typically reserved for those already deeply involved in medical studies.

Embrace the lifelong friendships your child will form with like-minded peers — the future leaders in medicine.

Through this immersive journey, they will discover a sense of purpose and direction that will guide them as they embark on their amazing big life.

The Congress confers an “Award of Excellence”:

Earned recognition that will enhance their resume and college applications. It is also a life-altering experience that will shape their professional path, boost their self-confidence, and equip them with the tools they need to succeed in one of the world's most competitive professions.

As a parent, you have the unique opportunity to make this transformative journey possible AND BE PART OF IT TOO, because you are invited to join your child (in the parent viewing section) at no cost to you.

By allowing your child to become a Delegate at the Congress, you are providing them with a remarkable platform to explore, learn, and grow — beyond what textbooks and traditional classrooms can offer.

Your support also lays the foundation for a future brimming with not only professional success but also personal happiness.

By making this commitment, you are telling your child, "I believe in you, I support you, and I want to see you thrive in a career that brings you joy and fulfillment.

Seize this chance to make a lasting impact on your child's life, to be the guiding hand that steers them through the complex world of adulthood with confidence and ambition.

The Congress of Future Medical Leaders is a unique and extraordinary academic undertaking; it also serves as a stepping stone to a brighter, more promising future — a future in which your child doesn't just survive, but truly thrives.

Financial need scholarships are available.