Survey of 2017 Alumni and Parents

An Important Message from
Richard Rossi
Founder and Executive Director

Each summer the National Leadership Academies hosts thousands of America’s brightest high school students at its Congress of Future Medical Leaders and Congress of Future Science & Technology Leaders. These events expose students to top leaders in their fields, help them build lasting friendships, and give them motivation, guidance, and mentorship they need to achieve their goals.

The National Leadership Academies fosters young men and women’s leadership development throughout these events. Our goal is to help future physicians and future scientists master leadership roles through academy membership. If high school students can enter college equipped with knowledge and skills needed to tackle realistic working environments, they’ll be better prepared to assume leadership positions later in life.

In 2017, the National Leadership Academies surveyed almost 3,000 students – 1,478 who are planning careers in STEM and 1,664 planning medical science careers, as well as their parents. Interesting highlights of that survey include:

After attending the Congresses, students said they felt much more supported, including:

*88.9 percent were more excited about their future
*87 percent reported feeling good about themselves
*86 percent were more confident in achieving their goals

And the parents reported similarly improved outlooks after their child attended a Congress:

*99.86 percent now see a bigger future for their child
*98.38 percent feel more confident they can help their child achieve their goals
*90.54 percent have seen an increase in their child’s self-confidence
*99.19 percent have a clear understanding of what their child is capable of