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The Congress of Future Medical Leaders is sponsored annually by New Charter University’s National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists for several thousand high school students. The Congress is an honors program and has strict academic requirements.

The purpose of the Congress is to honor, motivate, and direct the top students in our country who aspire to be physicians or medical scientists and encourage them to stay true to their dream. During the Congress, students learn about state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and are inspired by world-changing researchers, futurists, and technologists that include Nobel Prize winners, top medical school deans, leaders in medical research and cutting edge technology, as well as leaders from private industry.

Educator VIP Services

We, at the Congress of Future Medical Leaders, firmly believe it is the classroom teacher and school counselor who best prepare students to be our country’s future leaders. The National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists maintains a dedicated Educator Liaison Office should any educator have any questions or concerns. Please call (888) 986-6929 or email us at

The Academy is proud to include educators who are passionate about offering opportunities to enrich high school students on its Honorary Board of Educators. By becoming a member, educators can recognize, honor, and reward high-achieving students dedicated to and aspiring toward a profession in the medical fields.

Educator nominations give the best and brightest students an invaluable head start to the successes they dream of achieving. Members of the Honorary Board of Educators have the opportunity to select one deserving student to be designated for a full academic scholarship to the Congress of Future Medical Leaders.

Any educator interested in becoming a member of Honorary Board of Educators and who would like to nominate students for the Congress should contact the Educator Liaison Office directly at (888) 986-6929 or email us at

Congress Tuition

Congress tuition includes instruction, speakers, program material, education personnel, and all activities at the Congress. Students are responsible for their own travel, accommodations, transportation, and meals. Students may receive a Congress tuition refund within 30 days of their first payment.

Students are encouraged to bring their family to attend the Congress at no additional charge, on a space-available basis. Most students will travel with a parent, another adult, or another student from their school.

Overnight Program

If the student cannot travel with a family member, parents may choose to purchase the optional Overnight Program. The Overnight Program includes arrival and departure ground transportation from Logan International Airport or Boston South Station, accommodations (double or triple occupancy) for three designated nights, daily breakfast, and on-site resident assistants available overnight to address any student concerns or medical emergencies.


The Congress of Future Medical Leaders is a high school academic honors program for which educators must certify that all students nominated to attend have a 3.5 or above GPA (or equivalent), either current or cumulative.

Students are selected to become Delegates by their teachers, counselors, and principals. Qualified students may also be identified through honor societies, medical institutions, medical societies, STEM societies, program alumni, in-classroom surveys, or by New Charter University as a result of their participation with the College Board’s Student Search Service®.

Privacy of Student Information

Information about students supplied to the University by College Board is treated as highly confidential. Information never leaves the direct control of the University and is used only to contact students and recognize their achievements for selection to the Congress.


The Academy has prepared an extensive fundraising guide to help students raise money within their community to offset the cost of travel and tuition.

Students with Special Needs

The Academy encourages the participation of students with special needs, including students with disabilities. Students, parents, guardians, legal representatives, and educators are encouraged to contact the Academy to discuss any specific needs.

College Credit

Through an academic partnership with New Charter University, students who have successfully completed the Congress are eligible to earn one college credit at an additional cost, upon completion of additional coursework.

Scholarships to Attend the Congress

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in full academic scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first served basis. After all spaces are gone, students on scholarship may still attend free via a live online simulcast.

The Academy also offers a generous number of scholarships for students to attend the Congress which are based on financial need. For more information on the Financial Need Scholarship students or parents should email

Society of Torch & Laurel

Students attending either Congress are automatically inducted into the Society of Torch & Laurel. Through membership to this honors society, students gain access to over $100,000 in college scholarships and are also given the opportunity to participate in a mentorship program.