COVID-19-related update

The following message, containing critical COVID-19-related information, was sent to all 2020 Delegates and their families this morning.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Dear Delegate:

Needless to say, you and your family’s safety, as well as the safety of the rest of our 2020 Delegates and their families has been—and will always be—the number-one concern of all of us at the Congress of Future Medical Leaders.  

We think it is safe to say that never in our lifetimes have we, collectively, faced a challenge as daunting as COVID-19. It is the “once-in-100-years” pandemic many have talked about but, when it arrived, it caught us all off guard. And it has deeply impacted all our lives.

Today, we must tell you, based on the latest advice from federal and state authorities, as well as our own medical and travel advisors, we have concluded we cannot guarantee the safety of our Delegates, parents, and Mentors at the Congress in Boston this June.

We considered moving the Congress to an August date but some states are considering starting the next academic year as soon as July while other states don’t expect to be fully open until late in the summer. 

That said, COVID-19 must not stop you or us from taking advantage of this extraordinary opportunity for motivation, excitement, friendship, and education, especially in these difficult and perhaps discouraging times. 

This summer’s Congress of Future Medical Leaders will absolutely take place LIVE, just as scheduled, on June 24, 25, and 26—but from the safety of your home!

We are already hard at work building a tremendous interactive stage to deliver the same inspirational and educational Congress experience directly to YOU, as well as our other 2020 Delegates.

Everything at the Congress of Future Medical Leaders LIVE this June will be the same: 

  • Can you still earn college credit? Absolutely!
  • Will CongressLIVE still be verified honors-only? Yes!
  • Will you still receive the Congress of Future Medical Leaders Award of Excellence? Yes!
  • Will all the Nobel Laureates still be there to mentor you, live? Yes!
  • Will the world’s top physicians and scientists join us live? 100%!
  • Will deans of top medical schools be there? Yes!
  • How about young geniuses, live? All of them!
  • The fascinating patients, live? You bet!
  • How about viewing surgery with LIVE moment-by-moment commentary by the surgeon and real-time Q&A from the Delegates? Confirmed!

In this COVID-19 world, high-achieving young people like you have fewer and fewer opportunities to credential themselves for college, scholarship, and internship applications.

So, we know an extremely important question in your mind is, “After this summer’s CongressLIVE, will I still receive my Congress of Future Medical Leaders Award of Excellence signed and attested to by Nobel Laureate and Academy Science Director, Dr. Mario Capecchi, which I can use for college and scholarship applications, as well as internships?” 

We want to assure you the answer is yes!

You will be required to complete an open book pass/fail exam after the conclusion of the Congress to demonstrate that you were present and engaged. Once you have passed the exam, your Award of Excellence will be sent directly to you in the mail.

We have always had one guiding principle during the Congress of Future Medical Leaders:

 We can’t bore students into learning!

CongressLIVE will be fast-paced, fun, and exciting at all times.

In fact, you will still be able to submit questions in real-time that will be answered live by the Mentors. 

We will take the cameras into the Mentor’s offices, their labs, and their medical facilities. Just like you and your family, our Mentors should not travel, but they do not want to miss this experience.

You’ll also still have the opportunity to meet and work with your fellow Delegates in small break-out groups of three and four. Giving you the chance to meet your peers: folks who are just like YOU, who share the same dreams and passions—your future colleagues.

In addition, by attending and fully participating in CongressLIVE, you’ll get access to these benefits:

  • Guaranteed admission to the 2021 Congress in Boston for no additional tuition;
  • The beautiful Congress of Future Medical Leaders Award of Excellence, mailed to your home, signed and attested to by Nobel Laureate and Academy Science Director, Dr. Mario Capecchi;
  • A letter of recommendation signed by Nobel Laureate and Academy Science Director, Dr. Mario Capecchi;
  • A free ticket to Dr. Deborah Bedor’s live on-line College Domination Boot Camp;
  • Recordings of all videos and transcripts from CongressLIVE…

And that’s only the START of the list!!

If there was ever a time when we need YOU and your fellow Delegates’ intelligence and innovation in the medical field, it is now. 

All of us at the Academy are dedicated to ensuring you have an amazing experience that will give you the confidence and direction you need to propel you forward to greatness.

Your time at CongressLIVE will be an inspirational, exciting, and interactive experience that will educate, motivate, and inspire you to see a future so much bigger than the one you may be dreaming of now. 

What should you do now? Standby for more information and instructions from us.

And most important, get ready for one of the greatest experiences of your life!


Dee Thomas
Deputy Director of Admissions
National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists 

Rachel Layco
Deputy Director of Admissions
National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists


P.S. Just to be clear, you may attend the June 2020 Congress of Future Medical Leaders LIVE,  the August 2021 Congress in Boston, or both, without any additional cost.