We ❤️ Our Alumni


If you'd prefer to read my video message...

Well, hello. It is I, Richard. How are you today, oh dear Alumni? I could not have this amazing event begin without reaching out directly to you and telling you how incredibly excited I am that you are coming back. I know you’ve got your special section, and I will be looking for you when I’m up on the stage, but it’s a big deal that you’re coming back. It means a lot to me.

You’re going to enjoy it just as much; I would predict even more because you’re going to arrive relaxed, you know what’s going to happen, you’ll get right into creating fabulous relationships, hanging out with these people that are going to be even more new friends of yours. There will be new faces on the stage. It’s just going to be fantastic, really fantastic.

You and I will have a chance to have a photo taken, just the two of us, which will be cool, other things of that nature, best seats in the house, and so on and so forth. So I’m really proud of you for coming back. I can’t wait to say hi to you, and hey, man, it’s coming in a few days, so I’ll see you soon. Thanks.