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The National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists aims to inspire students to pursue their dreams. Through the Congress of Future Medical Leaders, we open students’ eyes to new possibilities. Such was the experience of Congress delegate Hannah Mims. Get to know her better as she shares how the Congress led her to new and exciting opportunities.

Congress of Future Medical Leaders Reviews


A High Achiever

Hannah Mims attends Chilton County High School in Clanton, Alabama. At the same time, she is part of the University of Montevallo’s Upward Bound program. It mainly caters to students whose parents did not go to college. The program also provides scholarship assistance to its members.

With the Upward Bound program, Hannah has been given an opportunity to experience the college life. So she maximizes this by taking classes at the campus for three days each month. She is even able to go to college during the summer, even while still in high school.

The Big Dreams That Led to Opportunities

Hannah says she wants to pursue a career as a neonatal nurse or an anesthesiologist. She even has her own Alabama Career Planning System profile. There, she expressed her interest in these fields.

To her pleasant surprise, the profile she created opened doors for her. Colleges reached out and invited her to visit their campuses. This also led her to cross paths with the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists.

Hannah received an invitation to attend the Congress of Future Medical Leaders. Out of the thousands of students around the country, she was selected to become a delegate. Hannah could not have predicted it then, but the Congress turned out to be life-changing for her.

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Experiencing The National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists Congress

At first, Hannah wasn’t even sure if she would be able to attend the Congress. But her family supported her, and her father drove for almost 20 hours just so she could make it.

At the Congress, she discovered that she shared her co-delegates’ interests. Hannah also got to know the Congress leaders. Universities that offer medical programs had representatives at the event. So, Hannah was able to explore and get information on various medical fields. She also received tips on college applications.

The Congress featured medical speakers, and delegates attended talks on surgery and cancer treatment. Hannah’s personal favorites were the doctors who discussed face transplants and patient resuscitation. But for her, the best part of the Congress was hearing the speakers discuss their accomplishments and how they got there. The different views presented were what engaged her.

Hannah is grateful that she was able to go to the Congress. She enjoyed her time at the event, and loved the experience. As she says, the Congress “turned her life around.”

As one of the Congress of Future Medical Leaders alumni, Hannah was also given a special accolade. She received the Award of Excellence from the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists. With this, the Academy recognized her efforts as one of the Congress participants.

Soaring to Greater Heights

Before attending the Congress, Hannah admitted that she “didn’t even know” if she will be able to attend college. But after her time at the conference, she now has a “better idea” of how she can pursue higher education.

Her experience at the Congress encouraged her to aim for scholarships. She became more driven to get better grades and to be involved in extra-curricular activities.

Hannah is proud to say that she is now a reporter for the FCCLA. She has also become a part of Key Club.

She is well on her way to achieving her dream of pursuing a career in the medical field. Hannah’s perseverance proves that no goal is too hard when you are determined to reach it.

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Want to learn more about the delegates’ experiences at the Congress of Future Medical Leaders? Watch this video from FutureDocsNow!

The National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists is an advocate for students through and through. With our programs, we encourage them to put their potentials to good use and seize their goals. The Congress of Future Medical Leaders is a way for us to reach out to bright students and give them the push they need. Because we know that they will one day lead our country’s medical field and excel.

Which of your personal experiences led you to great opportunities? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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