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1. How Successful People Think Differently

Do you ever wonder how successful people think, and what they did to succeed? There is one thing that sets these people apart — they said YES to opportunities. Not all successful people are creative thinkers who came up with great ideas. Some of them succeeded because they brought themselves out of their comfort zone by having the courage to say yes. Let me share with you why you should not be afraid to grab the opportunities that come your way… Click to read more

2. Leadership Qualities List | Top 5 Qualities Every Leader Has

What kind of leadership qualities list should you follow to stand out? Leading the pack in high school and standing out in college admissions is not always easy. To be remarkable, you need to have leadership skills and certain leadership traits. The good thing is, there are characteristics you can practice and develop to achieve this. Find out which five habits and personality traits will take you to the top! Click to read more

3. The National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists Review | Michael Durant

In the National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists, great opportunities await STEM students. We understand how valuable STEM fields are to our nation’s growth, and that is why we made it our mission to cultivate students’ passion for these fields. We also organized the annual Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders to gather the country’s top students… Click to read more

4. The Art of Persuasion – Academy Lessons

One of the most important and beneficial things you can do for yourself is to learn the psychology of persuasion. When you invest in this skill, the payoff is going to be huge. The great thing is, you can work on it in your free time! Mastering persuasion techniques will give you the advantage to turn things in your favor. Read on and discover how you can turn someone into your ally… Click to read more


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