How to Beef Up Your College Application And Take Advanced Credits in High School

How do you prepare for your college application? The college admission process is rigorous. If you’re aiming high for college, you should be gearing up for this season even before it starts. It will be helpful if you invest in your college application as early as you can. Here are advanced credits to take in high school that will build up your application.

The College Application Process | How To Prepare For It


What Top Schools Look For

Top tier schools are picky about the intellectual level of the students they accept. It’s because they are working to accumulate a class of world-changers. This means future leaders in health, science, tech, industry, literature, and the government.

They want students who motivate each other to do big things. While studying, these achievements should be beneficial for both the school and humanity. So that after they graduate, they will make a name for their alma mater.

How do we know this is true? It was also confirmed by Dean William R. Fitzsimmons from Harvard University Admissions. He said, “We like to think that all our students have strong personal qualities and character. They will educate and inspire their classmates over the four years of college. And they will make a significant difference in the world after they leave Harvard.”

There’s your sign. How do they find their leaders? It starts with what’s in your application.

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Have An “Early College Application” Mindset

Keep in mind that past success predicts future success. A powerful way to get noticed as an intellectual leader is to gain credentials while in high school. What kind of credentials should you invest in? Here are some examples:

  • Take summer courses for a grade at a top tier or Ivy League University. This will show that you have the academic bandwidth to succeed on any rigorous college campus.
  • Study online AP courses through Johns Hopkins and Stanford Online High School. By doing so, you add rigor to your school schedule without the stress of taking the courses within your daily school environment. In some cases, you’ll be able to take AP’s in courses even if your school doesn’t offer them.
  • Seek out online courses with certifications in your specific fields of interest. Some courses you can consider are those related to science, writing, engineering, marketing, and computer programming. If you want to pursue the latter, learn languages like Ruby on Rails, Swift, Objective-C, and Java.

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The Importance of Advanced Credits On Your College Application

Nowadays, gaining credentials while in high school is very important. Before, only college students looked for online courses with certifications in specialized fields. They did it to give themselves an edge during internship and job searches.

But now, the practice of taking a course for a certification has trickled down to high school students. This separates the students who push beyond common intellectual boundaries. It also sets apart those who are hungry to learn at the highest level and want to associate themselves with the finest credentials. These are the students who grab the attention of college admissions officers.

The Advanced Academic Certification in Science Research Writing

In part, this is why the Advanced Academic Certification in Science Research Writing was created. It’s the first historic online Certification of its kind. It is a certification signed by not only one, but two Nobel Laureates.

So if you’re wondering how to start gaining credentials without having to leave home, this is perfect for you. The Advanced Academic Certification in Science Research Writing is an authentic and intellectually-stimulating way to build up your college application.

Take this certification along with the courses mentioned earlier. With these, you’ll be on your way to having a well-put-together college application.


There are a lot of summer activities you can do that will impress the colleges you want to apply for! Get new ideas from SupertutorTV’s video:

Preparing for your college application may sound like a daunting task. But early preparation is key! It will save you stress from cramming. And most of all, it will help you produce an impressive college application. Once the college admissions season starts, going through the process will be a breeze for you!

Which courses or summer activities will you try out for your college application? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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