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Let’s answer some frequently asked questions we get from students that want some foundational tips when writing academic resumes.

Academic Resume Questions

Question: Does the resume have to be one page?

Answer: No. Although, a professional resume must be one page. Although admission officers may like to be reading only one page, because they are overworked in this season, please include everything you need to make your resume stand out. If it’s two pages full of regional, national, and international awards and/or fascinating internships and interesting educational pursuits, let it be two pages. If your resume includes a paragraph or two of explanation for a particular kind of untraditional schooling due to health, home circumstances, religious beliefs, educational philosophy, arts preparation, etc., please do include that explanation. This is what the common application’s additional information section is all about.

Question: Do I use different fonts?

Answer: Yes. Your title font for all headings should be in dark blue, bold, and italicized, left justified on the page, with a list of activities in black 12 point Times New Roman. List dates from most contemporary to least contemporary.

Question: Do separate sections receive separate titles?

Answer: Yes. For titles, you have options: education; academic awards and honors; service awards and honors; athletic awards and honors; arts awards and honors; leadership; communication or public service; summer experiences; jobs or internships; speaking engagements; etc. Add short explanations for each leadership event in which you’ve participated. Explain your role. Colleges want to know whether you are only a member or whether you actually led a group to success, fundraised, founded, or directed a project, etc. Separate the elements in each line of your listing by commas only. For example, National Coca-Cola Scholar, Coca-Cola Foundation, presented to the top 250 graduating seniors in the US, $25,000 scholarship, 2017.

We’ll cover more tips for Enhancing Your Academic College Résumé so stay tuned!

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