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Today I want to talk to you a little bit more about Robert Cialdini and another invaluable skill to have, reciprocity. It’s something that I try and carry out all the time. So what is reciprocity? It’s the idea that when you give someone something, they’re more likely to give something in return to you. For example, if you invite someone to a party or a  dinner; you give or lend someone something, or simply just help them out, they will be inclined to return a service or gift because you did it first. You gave it to them, and there’s this sort of inclination in human nature that it needs to be returned, it needs to be reciprocated. Reciprocity, the Art of Persuasion. Be the one to give first. Give first, and give something unique and specialized and thoughtful, and hopefully, that will be returned.

Give Without Expectation

Don’t give expecting something to be returned. It’s not a quid pro quo. Give just because you want to give and you want to help, and you want to be there and be remembered and be thought of by these people. This comes up in a lot of things. Give first, and people will be more inclined to give back to you. Little things. “I saw this article, and I thought of you, thought you’d like to read it.” Send it in an email just to stay connected because isn’t it great to be reminded that you’re being thought of? “Oh, they’re thinking about me. That’s so great. That’s so kind. That’s so thoughtful.”

Reap The Rewards

Keep in mind that the goal of reciprocity isn’t to receive, but a natural outcome. In the previous example, they may be inclined to do the same thing, or at least they’re going to remember you the next time they come across something that reminds them of you. It’s all about giving in the small stages for a big result and a big difference. I have never seen a generous man go bankrupt.

Reciprocity is an invaluable trait to have one and something that’s nice to do. It’s nice to be able to give things to people (freely), and they give back to you. There’s a great example of waiters in restaurants giving mints to their customers, which in effect improved the tips they received drastically. That’s some great ROI on a free mint the customer was going to grab themselves on the way out. So go out today and give someone a mint, or give them two.

Study up on the art of persuasion because it will go so far. You will go so far. It will change the game for you. It really will.

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