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1. How To Study For A Test And Stop Cramming

How To Study For A Test And Stop Cramming

Cramming for a test is obviously not the ideal way to study, but do you know why? According to research, pulling an all-nighter is not at all among the recommended study tips for students. Cramming is not one of the smartest study methods out there since it negatively affects your body and brain functions — and eventually, your exam results. So, how to study for a test without cramming? Here are some study tips you may do before your next round of examinations… Click to read more

2. Writing Your Academic Resume – Academy Lessons

Let’s answer some frequently asked questions we get from students that want some foundational tips when writing academic resumes… Click to read more

3. Boosting Confidence and Performance – Academy Lessons

I want to talk to you a little bit about how to get your confidence up in really high-value situations. Now, look, as a high-achieving young person, I totally get that you’re under a lot of stress a lot of the time. But let’s face it, there are times when you got to perform. It’s a higher level of expectation than unusual. Maybe it’s a big exam. Maybe it’s the SATs… Click to read more

4. The Five-Second Rule for Productivity – Academy Lessons

This lesson is just like one of those awesome ninja tricks to think about, and then try it on and see how it fits. It’s a very simple concept, and here it is. You know what to do until your mind gets in the way. True or false? Let me give you the classic example: Exercise. You know that you’re supposed to exercise until your mind starts telling you, “I’m tired. I don’t feel well. I have a headache. I can always exercise tomorrow.” Don’t let the excuses lead you to inaction… Click to read more

5. Decision Making – Academy Lessons

When making a decision, you might be thinking about, and your parents, your teachers, your friends might be encouraging you to look at, things you’re fearful of doing or that you don’t want to do. These might be things you’re fearful of doing or that you just don’t want to do… Click to read more


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