An Actor on the Stage

Today, I want to talk to you about something that may be of particular interest to you. How to interact with other people if you’re really shy. I’m really shy. Are you? If you’re one of those rare people that are super vivacious and does great in any social situation, I envy you, but most of us aren’t that. Most of us are kind of a mess, and when we get into social situations, we tend to get nervous. I want to tell you a couple of things that are great, great techniques.

How To Boost Confidence – Be An Actor

The first is to pretend you’re someone else, to be an actor. This may sound weird, but think about it for a minute. Why are you shy? It’s because you’re you, and you probably believe that you’re not worthy, or you’re not interesting, or that you were born shy, or whatever the case may be. But, what if you weren’t you? A technique a lot of people use is to become an actor, and in your mind, pretend you’re someone else. You may think that’s never going to work, but in fact, it works amazingly, amazingly well. Once you take on the persona of someone else, then it’s a lot easier to interact. At Disney World, everybody that works there is told that they’re an actor on the stage and that they have a role to play. Think of who you would admire as an actor, either male or female, and look at some of their videos, some trailers of their films, and how they act. Then, when you’re at a party or a meeting or whatever, take on a little bit of that persona. Not so much that people you know go, “Who the hell is this!?” but just enough so that you get out of your own head and you’re pretending like you’re somebody else. Try it out. It’s amazing.

It’s Not About You

The second thing is, and this is a really important phrase that I always want you to remember: to be interesting, be interested. To be interesting, be interested. To be fascinating, be fascinated. In other words, what you need to do is you need to talk to the other person about them. If you do that, they’re going to dig you, because who loves talking about anything more than themselves? You should think before you leave for an event, what are all the things I can ask someone else about? What are they up to? What have they been doing? What’s been going on in their world? You can just come up with, and write on a piece of paper 10 or 20 questions, and then as someone gives you the answer, you can always say, “Oh, my god. That’s so interesting. Tell me more. Really? Is that true? Wow. How did that work out for you?” You’re going down this path, based on what they say. Inevitably, when the conversation ends, that other person’s going to leave and go, “Wow. Suzy’s really cool. I had a great conversation with her.” Why? Because the conversation was really about them.

Get it? These two techniques alone are going to get you through almost any social situation. Give it a shot. Being shy sucks. It’s very nerve-wracking. If you use these two techniques, you can avoid all of that. I’ll talk to you soon.

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