Scholar-athlete of the month: Trinity Episcopal’s Elaina Chapman

 Age: 16 GPA: 3.73

Athletic accomplishments: One of the best players on the area’s top-ranked basketball team, Elaina averaged 16.3 points, 14.2 rebounds, 3 steals and 1.5 blocks in December. She had 25 points and 21 rebounds in the Times-Dispatch Invitational Tournament championship game against Highland Springs, and she was named the tournament MVP. Only a junior, she already has the school record for points scored in a career.

Academic accomplishments: Elaina won the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists award of excellence. She’s also been named to the Headmaster’s List each quarter.

Favorite class: “Human anatomy.”

Career plan: “I want to be an ER physician.”

Three words to describe her: “Funny, caring, athletic.”

Strength: “I think more logically. I like to think through things, and that’s helped me a lot.”

Toughest opponent: “Coach Adam (Lonon) really pushes me to be better.”

Best sports memory: “This year, when we won the Times-Dispatch tournament.”

Favorite food: “Pizza.”

Favorite ice cream: “Cookies and cream.”

On her playlist: “Hip-hop and R&B.”

Most embarrassing thing on her playlist: “I like to listen to trap music sometimes.”

If she had one wish: “To have a lot of money.”

What most people don’t know: “I like to read a lot.”

If she could go on any reality show: “Wipeout.”

Dream car: “A Jeep.”

If she could travel anywhere in the world: “Paris.”

Pet: “One Guinea pig.”

Hero: “My dad.”

Favorite childhood cartoon: “Elmo.”

If she could have dinner with anyone dead or alive: “Probably my grandmother.”

If she could have any superpower: “To become invisible.”

Social networks: “Snapchat and Instagram.”

Her house is burning down and she can take only one thing with her: “My phone.”

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