EHS Honor Student Landra Speigner Nominated for The Congress Future Medical leaders

For many High School students they are spending their Summer going to the beach but for Enterprise Junior Landra Speigner she will be  attending the Congress of Future Medical Leaders in Boston as a Delegate. She says, “She will be mentored by hundreds of doctors talking about their medical break through and what they have done to make the medical field just explode.”
Since the young age of ten, Landra has always had inspirations of working in the medical field: “First started out when I was in fifth grade I wanted to be a Pharmacist and I’ve learned to love the medical field.”
Also, Enterprise High Schools offers a variety of classes that have also helped Landra for what is to come in Massachusetts. She takes medical classes and is even on the sports medicine team.
Landra and her Mother Kelly, will be on their flight tomorrow morning; it starts on Sunday and Congress is three days from June 25th to the 27th. The students will be learning from 9 am until 11 pm that evening.

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