Ultimate Med Internship 2017 Now Accepting Applications from Future Doctors

Applications are now being accepted for the Ultimate Med Internship 2017 in India, hosted by the National Leadership Academies, which made this announcement today.

The Ultimate Med Internship 2017 accepts high school students who are passionate about medicine and are considering a future as a physician. The internship program takes students to countries such as India and the Philippines to give them a truly hands-on experience participating in initiatives designed to help them understand what it truly means to be a doctor.

Two sessions of the 17-day Ultimate Med Internship will be held June 8-June 25 and June 29-July 16 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Students have the opportunity to spend time in the gross anatomy lab working on full human cadavers; be in the operating room or on the observation deck viewing surgeries and talking to physicians; and shadow physicians who are treating patients in emergency rooms, clinics and their medical offices. Students can even spend time in the morgue with pathologists and doctors who are performing autopsies.

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