New Lenox student receives award of excellence

NEW LENOX – Lincoln-Way West High School senior Hailee Slate’s enrollment in human anatomy and physiology medical class combined with her attendance to a recent summer conference have both escalated her interest in the subject of neuroscience.

After applying for various science-related scholarships and researching potential universities, Hailee was contacted by The National Leadership Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists.

She received an invitation to join the three-day conference in Boston where she would learn from different speakers, network with other students, and observe live knee surgery. Her completion of the conference in June was commemorated with an official Award of Excellence, which was presented by her principal, Monica Schmitt, on Sept. 13.

Presenters at the conference included many notable speakers, including Nobel Prize winners, National Medal of Science recipients, and clinical directors. While Slate enjoyed each of the speakers, the most memorable presentation discussed how the brain is affected by a concussion.

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