Message For Scholars From Raina Jain, Age 19, Youngest Ever Winner of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

Hi. My name is Raina Jain, and I’m a 2010 winner of the Sanofi Aventis International BioGENeius challenge.  My research focused on the use of bioglass, an incredible type of glass that can help regenerate new bone in the body over time.  Specifically, I was looking at how surface roughness of bioglass could enhance cell fusion, proliferation, and differentiation, so patients could experience faster bone growth and recovery after their surgeries.

I’m so excited to joint you all at the 2014 Congress of Future Medical Leaders, so we can all gain from discussion on the evolving field of medicine, and how we can all individually contribute to this evolution.  I am fortunate enough  to directly experience the bridge between research and medicine, and I’ve seen how important it is for the translational steps to be made.  The two fields of research and medicine are tightly intertwined, and each one relies heavily on the other.

Once, when I was at a science competition, a judge approached me after I was done presenting, and asked me further questions about bioglass.  It turns out that she herself had a titanium implant that had already been repeatedly replaced over the past few years.  She asked me more questions about bioglass as a potential alternative to the titanium implant that already failed her multiple times.  And it was then that I realized how important research can be. 

As we all prepare for the Congress, I have a few questions to ask you all.  What do you guys see as the main problems or challenges in the fields of medicine and in science, and how do you see us as a society approaching these problems?  What do you think you, individually, can help bring to overcoming these challenges.  I’m so excited to see your responses.  Please post them online, and we’ll definitely take a look.  I’m really excited to see you all next year as well.  So I’ll see you then.  Bye.

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