Tips from the National Academy of Physicians: Getting High School Students Ready for a Health Career

National Academy of PhysiciansIt is never too early to prepare yourself for a career in the health or medical sciences. Organizations like the National Academy of Physicians can help high-achieving high school students get ready for these careers by offering advice, tips, and mentoring.

To enter most medical science careers, high school students need to get into a good college – either a community college or four-year college program. There are some steps you can take to make sure you are ready to enter college as you work towards a science career.

Take Math, Science, and English Classes Every Year

While your state laws and high school requirements may only require one year of math or science, this amount of limited exposure will make it difficult for you when you apply for college. To prepare for a health science track, you should consider taking four years of math, four years of science, and four years of English. Besides increasing your chances of getting into the school or program of your choice, taking science classes also gets you ready for critical thinking which is very important for medical science careers.

English courses help with reading comprehension, communication, and critical thinking as well. If computer courses are available at your high school, you should consider including those in your course load too.

Remember that This is a Competition

Remember that when you apply for admission to college or other medical program, you are in competition with other students for these spots. You have to stand out. One way to do that is to take college prep math and science classes. You can also participate in a summer medical internship for high school students or work in a lab while in high school.

You want to show that you can handle complex coursework but you also want to be ready to understand the science and math concepts that you might encounter – no matter what your career interests are.

Prepare Ahead of Time

While it may seem like kicking back and enjoying your time in high school is a great idea, there really is no good time to ease up on your course work when you are interested in a health career. If you don’t take the hard math and science courses in high school, it is possible that you will have to take remedial classes to make them up. Medical science careers are demanding – the preparation can be equally tough as well.

High achieving high school students should strive to take as many science, math, and English classes as they can to get ready for college and a science career. To learn more about getting ready for a medical science career, visit us at or check out our Facebook page

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