Our Summer Medical Internship Program Allows High School Students to Finally Access Gross Anatomy, Surgery and Shadowing of Doctors


The Experience Of A Lifetime
Warning: content could disturb some viewers


My name is Richard Rossi, Executive Director of The National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists and I have been creating medical programs for high school students for over twenty years.

Over 100,000 students have graduated from programs my team and I have produced for future medical leaders, and thousands are now physicians and medical professionals throughout the world.

Having talked to so many future doctors over the years, I’ve discovered these high-achieving students really want what I call “The “Big 3.”

The “Big 3” are the most unique and sought after experiences an aspiring future doctor can have to prepare for a future in medicine.

The “Big 3” are:

1. The ability to spend time in the gross anatomy lab working on full human cadavers;
2. The opportunity to be in the operating room or observation deck viewing surgery and talking to the physicians;
3. The privilege of shadowing physicians in the emergency room, clinic and office while they treat patients and perform procedures.

Bonus: Participants will even have the option to spend time at the morgue, side by side with doctors and pathologists, though let me tell you that’s not for everyone!

These Big 3 unique experiences are what we call “The Real Deal”.

This is not a simulation or a stuffy lecture in a meeting room. It’s not a chat with a doctor or even a bus ride to a research facility somewhere.

It’s real medicine: up-close, hands on, personal, as it happens.

It’s why most young people become doctors:

– to treat the sick
– to save lives
– to make a real difference
– to serve humanity

It can be stressful, it can be exhausting, it can be heartbreaking, but at the end of the day it’s one of the most exhilarating and uplifting experiences a young person can ever have. This is about hope, inspiration, and the human spirit. But there is a problem and it’s a big problem …

Experiencing “The Big 3” in the United States used to be difficult but now it’s almost impossible.

Why? Because of our privacy laws, insurance rules and lawyers at hospitals and medical schools that don’t want to risk a lawsuit.

But overseas it’s a completely different situation, and in many countries these “Big 3” experiences can be arranged in ways they never could in the US.

Hospitals and medical schools are friendly and open to welcoming young people.

That’s why we created FutureDocs Abroad — to allow a mature group of young people to travel on an overseas adventure and spend two weeks experiencing the “Big 3,” 100% hands-on, up-close and personal.

The Real Deal… nothing more, nothing less.

FutureDocs Abroad is beneficial for someone interested in studying medicine because it gives you a chance to see what the future holds for you. It gives you a brief preview of what life would be like, and that’s helpful for someone who’s struggling to determine what they want to do. It’s best for a student that truly cares about getting their education and continuing along the path of medicine. This is life-changing and it really determines whether you will or will not continue following the path of medicine. You are going to be blown away by the things you see, the things you hear, the things you get to touch. It’s so hands-on on, it’s amazing. I would have never imagined I would be delivering babies or cutting into dead bodies or seeing a beating heart. It was eye-opening. Getting close to my future colleagues here has been amazing. We all want to pursue medicine and have come here with the same interest. All the friends here that I’ve made are going to be life-long friends. I don’t think there’s any possibility that I’m going to lose touch with these people because the experience we’ve shared has been truly amazing.”

Kyle Culley
Forsyth, GA

I wanted to thank you and share with you a success story (I am sure one of many) that is a testament of the success of your program. As you know Christian was an alumnus of the Philippines FutureDocs Abroad last year. The experience was highly impactful in Christian’s life in not only strengthening his interest in medicine, but in directly contributing to his success in admission to University. The Philippines experience was a major topic of his college application essays and a major topic of discussion in interviews he was invited to for direct entry programs into medical school from high school. His experience in the FutureDocs Abroad was very unique and more intensive compared to shadowing experiences in the US, and I think really made him stand out among the applicant pool. Among other offers, he was admitted to Johns Hopkins, North Eastern Ohio Medical University (a direct entry 6-year medical program), Vanderbilt, and Washington University. He has accepted the offer from Washington University St. Louis, where he was one of only eight accepted into their University Scholars Program in Medicine (and direct entry acceptance in their medical school provided he maintains good grades a an undergraduate). My intention in writing this is not to brag about Christian, but to really thank you for your program and highlight the uniqueness of your program and how it can really contribute directly to a student’s success. In my opinion, I think it is really worth the cost, and I hope you will expand your program to offer it to a larger number of students in the future.”

Sherif Farag, M.B.B.S., Ph.D.
Parent of a FutureDocs Abroad Alumnus and Associate Director of Clinical Research at the Indiana University Simon Cancer Center

FutureDocs Abroad was the greatest experience I’ve had so far in my life. It really separates those who want to pursue a medical career and those who are on the edge. It gives you a sense of what it truly means to be a doctor. It was eye-opening, life-changing, and I really enjoyed it.”

Rocio Dunlap
Kingwood, TX

FutureDocs Abroad gives you a chance to experience something that you can’t experience in America. You have to follow regulations in America that you don’t necessarily have to follow here. We’ve cut into cadavers, we’ve followed doctors on rounds, we’ve sutured, and we’ve watched surgeries in ORs. It’s an overall experience that you cannot get anywhere else. This experience has furthered my passion for medicine. There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll go into medicine after this. It has not only driven me to go into this field but it has also shown me exactly what I want to do.”

Ashley Halstead
Valrico, FL

FutureDocs Abroad is this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity where a group of teenagers from across the US get to travel to another country and experience the reality of hospital-life. You get to see what’s going on behind closed doors and what isn’t shown on TV. Nothing is sugar-coated and all the resources are right there for you to really take in the environment that you could potentially be seeking a career in. It’s very graphic, very intense, but if you’re into medicine, it’s the greatest experience you could ever have. If you’re really interested in going into medicine, you’re passionate about it, and you’re almost certain that being a doctor is what you want to do, then FutureDocs Abroad is for you. It will seal the deal for you if medicine is for you. Based on my own personal experience, it only ignited my passion for the field even more. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me in the world of medicine based on my experience at FutureDocs Abroad, which forever changed my life.”

Sabrina Limchayseng
New York, NY

Ever since I was little I’ve always wanted to do something in the medical field. At FutureDocs Abroad, you get to experience what you love. I want to become a cardiologist, and I got to hear heart murmurs. I got to see and hold a heart! It makes you love what you’re going to be doing in the future. It amplifies what you want to be. It’s an amazing feeling, knowing what you want to be.”

Luke Holden
Hickory, NC

Going on FutureDocs Abroad is one of the best opportunities you can go on if you want to go into a medical career. It helps you narrow down what area you might want to go into. For me, seeing all the people in the ER validated what I want to do. The experience helps you further your love for the profession and your passion to do it, or it will tell you really quickly if that’s not something you want to do in the future.”

Takara Richard
King of Prussia, PA

FutureDocs Abroad matters for the future of medicine because it IS the Ultimate Medical Internship. It says it in the name! It gives you an eye-opening experience and I feel that FutureDocs Abroad is the future because it gives you exposure early on. If you have the exposure early on, then you know what you want to do and who you want to help. And you can get so specific when you attend this internship. You may come in thinking you want to be a pediatric doctor and leave becoming an oncologist. You can shift gears so fast through one rotation and its amazing how FutureDocs Abroad gives you the opportunity to do that. As the 42 students here, we are definitely the future of the medical field.”

Simron Balyan
Los Angeles, CA

The experience will give people the insight whether or not they really want to be a doctor. A lot of people realize when they get to med school that they want to do something else or that they’re not as passionate as they thought. You get to experience things here you could never experience in the United States. Regardless of the cost, coming to FutureDocs Abroad is a really good life decision. I feel very grateful for everything I’ve been able to do here because I was one of the few students that got to go on this trip. This will be something that I remember for the rest of my life. It’s an experience of a lifetime. If you truly want to be a physician, no matter what specialty you want to go into, this would be the ultimate test for you.”

James Fox
Ludowici, Georgia

This experience is bar none one of the most indelible experiences I’ve had in my entire life. This is something that’s very hard to do – if not impossible – anywhere else. Being able to have hands-on medical experience at such a young age is amazing. This program really stirs up enthusiasm in the students because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that we will never get anywhere else. We get to see gross anatomy, we get to dissect cadavers, and we get to see live surgeries, and that just adds to the excitement that we have for our future careers. To me there’s no doubt that you have to have this kind of experience. It puts you ahead of everyone else trying to get into the medical field, which is as competitive as ever. Having this type of advantage is huge to be able to get into medical school. Beyond that, this is more than a medical experience – this is a life experience. You get to learn so much more outside of the hospital. Being aware of the world around you will make you a better physician.
FutureDocs Abroad is one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve learned a lot here and met some great people. It’s not something you can put a price tag on.”

Jerome Andres
San Luis Obispo, CA

I got to cut up a cadaver! In regular biology or even AP biology, you mostly work with microscopes. You might dissect a cat, or a frog, but that’s nothing like the human body. The human body is so intricate and so amazing. I did not expect it to be this mind-blowing. FutureDocs Abroad overall has been one of the best few weeks of my lifetime. It’s helped me make great friends who I know I’ll either see in college or in med school, and who I’ll continue to be with for the rest of my life.”

Maddi Long
Denver, North Carolina

FutureDocs Abroad is beneficial because by going around different medical wards, you get to really see what you’re passionate about. Before FutureDocs Abroad I wasn’t sure what department I was interested in or even if I was going to pursue a medical career. This really opened my eyes and made me want to pursue a medical career in pediatrics.”

Erin Kong
Chestnut Hill, MA

FutureDocs Abroad is beneficial for someone who’s interested in the medical field because it gives you the hands-on experience you can use to decide what field you want to go into, or if this really is your passion. It is the best experience for someone interested in a pre-med opportunity because it jumps us four years into the future. When you’re sitting at a desk all day studying in med school, you can remember back to when you learned how to suture on a pig or when you dissected a cadaver in anatomy at FutureDocs Abroad and it can help you to push through to that one day when you’re going to be suturing on a patient. We got to experience that final result here at 15, 16, 17, and 18 – that’s something most people don’t get to experience until their late 20s. I will never forget the experiences that I’ve had at FutureDocs Abroad and I’ll always reflect back on my first autopsy, my first pediatric evaluation, the first day-old baby I held in the neonatal intensive care unit. I will never forget any of that.”

Raelynn Goddard
Freeman, MO

We dissected real human cadavers. We saw organs. Today I held an amputated human leg in my hand! They treat us like we’re actual physicians and give us the respect and honor typical in this position. It makes you feel good and it reminds you why you want to be a physician in the first place. It gives you a peek into where you want to be in the future.”

Sunny Bai
Dublin, CA

The people I met at the Congress were definitely cut out for this because they were so motivated, and they knew exactly what they wanted to do and exactly what they had to do to get there. The people at FutureDocs Abroad still have that passion for medicine, and it’s cultivated every day here. When you’re around people like that and you’re that excited yourself, there’s no place you’d rather be. FutureDocs Abroad makes me so much more excited to go to med school and become a doctor.”

Francesca Ferri
Pasadena, CA

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